The Road to Success

With the emerging e-sports phenomenon around the world, the future of e-sports seems bright. This emerging field of spectator sport has the potential to generate tremendous revenue for its participants, sponsors, and viewers. E-sports has the potential to completely revolutionize how spectator sport is watched and enjoyed. By the next decade, e-sports may take the place of traditional spectator sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and chess.


Traditional sports, especially team sports like soccer, has always had a core group of dedicated followers, known as a “franchise” in professional sports. In contrast, e-sports have an active user base consisting of individuals who play for fun. Esports can either take the form of an individual competitive league, such as the EU vs. NA tournament at the ESL pro league, or an international league like the IEM World Series. Alternatively, there are also international, semi-professional leagues, like the Tesco ESL One cup and the Dreamhack Summer Series.

One of the biggest advantages of Esports is its potential revenue streams. The main source of revenue comes from selling advertising space on streaming video websites. Other revenue streams come from merchandise sales, sponsorship, and player-based competitions. While there is no clear evidence yet of any large profits coming from ESL One or other major ESL tournaments, there is money being pumped into the industry daily as advertisers look to reach the untapped potential of amateur players streaming video for their sport.

As more companies realize the potential of e-sports, there will be greater competition for sponsorship deals. As well, the rising popularity of certain teams will also drive teams and players to greater heights of success and build fanbases. As this occurs, the quality of play will only get better. With more organizations getting involved, the future of esports looks very bright.

In addition to making great money through endorsements, merchandising, and playing in live tournaments, players can take advantage of the burgeoning community. Many fans of the game to participate in discussions, make profiles on social media sites and follow the teams on Twitter and Facebook. This allows the players to engage directly with their fans in a very real way, and it helps show the dedication and skill that the players have. Many people say that the intense level of interaction and community building in the world of esports makes it one of the best communities to belong to.

While some see ESL One as the crowning glory of ESL, there have been other major accomplishments by teams and players. Major League Soccer (MLS) has signed several popular players, as well as running several successful leagues. Blizzard Entertainment, the maker of World of Warcraft and StarCraft, has also shown a strong commitment to the future of esports by supporting it with massive investment and involvement. With the increasing popularity of electronic sports and the burgeoning of online communities, there’s no telling what the future of ESL will look like.