Top Free PC Games For 2021

What are the top new PC games of 2021? Maybe you just got paid, bank account overflowing with virtual dough, or perhaps you just want to be up to date with the best PC games because they’re really that good, shiny and fresh. Whatever the case, if you’re looking for the next new PC game to play then you’ve found the right place to start. Gaming is fun, addictive and a great social experience so if you like spending time in a safe environment and getting a well earned paycheck then get out there and start playing. If you want a taste of what’s new in gaming, but don’t care as much about the game designer as much as the game itself then this is your area of expertise to gain knowledge in.

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Immortals Rising is by far one of the best new PC games to come out and it is very stylish as well. With a sci-fi theme that makes it feel like it’s set in the future of today, the game plays much more like a role playing type game. The storyline follows a young woman who gets awakened from cryosleep and sent on a mission to find a mythical device called the ‘immortals’. Helping the girl along on her quest are several other characters including a mysterious stranger that seems to know more about her than she knows herself and an old man who just wants to help her along.

One of my favorite new pc games to come out recently is Star Trek Online. I had the opportunity to check out the new frontier online and see if it captures the imagination as well as it promises. The game itself takes place eight years after the events seen in the famous science fiction series. In this game players take on the role of a crew member on the USS Enterprise, fighting off the renegade faction of the Federation.

Another exciting a game to check out is Lord of the Rings Online. As the name implies, you play as one of the characters from this wonderful fantasy novel. A new player to this game will find it quite hard initially but they will get better as they go along. As in the previous games, you have to find items and fight with other players for the control of Gondor. A couple of mechanics stand out that really make this game a stand out though and they include the crafting system and the gathering arena.

A couple of other great online PC gaming options are Age of Empire and Pirates. Both are part of the Golden Eye series and offer you the chance to explore the universe while having a lot of fun. If you haven’t played Pirates of the Caribbean Online, you should really consider checking it out. It is one of the most fun online pc games around and the graphics and sound combined with the intricate gameplay are enough to really keep anyone busy. If you enjoy turn-based strategy games with a great story, then Pirates of the Caribbean Online is a must play.

For those who have yet to try out Agents of War, you should know that it is another top free pc game with an exciting storyline. In case you haven’t heard of it, here is the scoop. The plot revolves around a group of special agents working for a secret agency. You will help them out by going through the different missions that are available for you to complete. In case you get stuck, you can always replay any mission to find out how to complete it.