Diving Into The World Of DotA 2

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Diving Into The World Of DotA 2

The newest game that has been gaining popularity worldwide is the World of Warcraft: The Defense of D noon. The game which was inspired by the fantasy novel “Lord of the Rings”, has been brought to you by Blizzard Entertainment. Just like the previous games, this one too is a free to play game. If you are looking for some entertainment and adventure in your life then this game is just perfect for you.

In this game, gamers have to go through various levels and accomplish quests as well as fighting with other players of the same gender and class. The graphics are quite nice. It would look like a high resolution picture and some add-ons are also available for this game like weathers, music and even 3D renderings of some of the scenes. The sound effects are just like what you would expect from a PC game.

There are different characters in this game like the creeps who use weapons and attacks and the towers which can be customized and built by using resources and experience points gained throughout the game. Your creeps fight against the other creeps who are also on your side. You can switch between them easily using the keys or the arrow keys. The creeps are not very different from each other. Some of them like the courier, Overseer and the Overseer’s Emissary can do basic transactions like getting the items and delivering them and there are others like the Oracle, the Slith and the Firelord who are totally special.

Unlike the early editions of the game, the newest has a few new features which were left out in the earlier versions. For instance, the mini-map in the lower Right Corner which used to be the case in all earlier editions of the game now shows the location of all the opponent creeps. The creep vision is now enabled in the bottom Right Corner where it was non existent in the earlier versions. Finally, a new feature called the observer feature has been added to the game which gives a live feed of the battle going on in the game.

The interface looks quite nice and simple. The game uses a lot of codes rather than the mouse for moving the cursor and it also includes some nice features like chat room and forums. There are many add-on’s which can be installed through the Valve website to give additional enhancements to the game like the animated Replays and the achievements. The game also comes with a rather good tutorial section that teaches you the basics of playing the game and its various aspects.

Although it doesn’t have many modes and the major modes are more or less the same, it still doesn’t make the game boring and monotonous. It has got some pretty innovative twists which make it more exciting and entertaining. There are some amazing replays and these reels are simply marvelous. I would say that if you are an admirer of the game and want to get immersed in it then I would say that you would not be disappointed at all.