The Mobile Legends in Facebook Game

Known as the best MMORPG game on the market today, mobile Legends has become one of the most popular online games. The story line of this great game involves gamers traveling across the globe and battling monsters. Players can choose to be a part of any of four different classes in this exciting game. These classes are described as follows:

This is the first mobile Legends game mode that introduces characters from the main series. With help from Moonton’s previous title, Mobile Legends: Bang, gamers will have access to a variety of mobile based adventures. Players start the game as the vampire, who must kill everything in his path in order to survive. The goal of the vampire is to achieve higher level of fame and fortune while finding the mysterious artifact known as the Dragon Talisman. Players can switch from fighter, thief, mage or magician to any of the four different classes available during the game modes.

As the second chapter in the game, the player will also get the chance to buy items, weapons and vehicles from the in-game marketplace. There are several levels in this exciting game that are separated by three lanes. The player must use a specific number of creeps to enter each of the three lanes. In each of the three lanes, there are five monsters including the boss. The player must destroy all the enemies as well as the bosses in each of the three lanes to move to the next level.

The third chapter of the game includes another battle between the PCs and the evil villainess known as Maleficent. This time, she is using a hovercraft to attack the heroes. However, the heroes managed to defeat her with the use of powerful spells and abilities. The game mode ends when Maleficent was defeated and everyone returned to their home base.

After the defeat of Maleficent, the King and queen declared a holy war against the evil Queen. During the battle, Prince Philip and Princess Aurora joined forces to help the heroes defeat Maleficent. After the battle, the team managed to return to their home base and the story begins anew.

The fifth chapter of the mobile legends in Facebook is the final battle between the forces of good and evil. The PCs were too tired to fight when the timer expired. Their counterparts, the evil queen and her dragon were defeated after a long struggle. In the end, it was Aurora who was able to bring peace by shooting the final arrow that destroyed Maleficent’s dragon. With this, the story of the PCs and their allies came to an end. The players just need to purchase items, weapons and vehicles from their in-game marketplace to continue the game.