Mobile Games

A mobile game is essentially a computer game which is usually played on a mobile phone with an application downloaded to the phone. The word ‘game’ actually refers to any computer-related games which are played via mobile phones, including with and without internet access. These games differ from other computer games because they can be played in the foreground or background, and they can be played continuously or while the user is idle. There are many types of mobile games, and the features vary from one mobile handset to another.

Computer and gaming specialists have produced mobile games for a number of different purposes, and the latest craze among young males is the in-game gambling, orroid and pokemon-type games. Some mobile games allow players to connect to their social networks; these allow players to chat with other players and make friends. In addition, some devices allow users to read article text or news content, which is a particularly interesting feature in a time when many people are looking for ways to keep up with the rapidly changing world of information.

Hyper-casual games are characterized by their full screen interface and heavy emphasis on real-time gameplay. Examples include Monument Valley and FarmVille, both of which have in-game currencies that can be used to purchase items and build homes. Other examples include Pokemon and Solitaire, both of which utilize tile-based gameplay. Many of these games utilize highly advanced graphics, extensive music and well-designed interfaces, making them ideal for both casual gamers and those who want a unique experience. Some examples of hyper Casual mobile games include Doodle Jump and Abanora, both of which feature customizable marbles.

Since there is no screen-dispersion like there is with laptop computers, mobile games require players to see the actual game world through the eyes of a virtual camera. This has resulted in many mobile games having spectacular graphics, complete with stereoscopic 3D graphics that give life to the characters and scenes. Because many of these games use sophisticated visual processing units, developers often utilize sophisticated audio software as well.

Mobile gaming online requires players to have a good solid Internet connection, especially if they plan to play on off-site servers or applications that utilize peer-to-peer file transfer. Since these downloads typically take place over secure connections, most mobile game developers will recommend that all clients have either a very fast Internet connection or access to a high-speed cellular service. Additionally, mobile game developers will often require that players use devices that have large memory retention and good battery power. In the case of text-based games, players should also have good battery life.

The emergence of smartphone apps has resulted in the rise of a whole new generation of mobile devices and portable computing devices such as tablets. As this group of mobile devices grows larger, so does the need for games designed for them. Fortunately, there is now a wide array of downloadable mobile games designed specifically for these devices. Many of these games are free while others cost a small price tag. There are even some paid games available now that really do take advantage of the mobile devices capabilities.