Pro Gaming League – A Global Source Of Competition

Esports is a relatively new form of competitive gaming with online video games as the main medium. Much like sports, there are many different leagues and competitions for both individual players and teams. It all started about six years ago, with the evolution of the Internet. As more people began to surf the web, they also began to play games online such as World of Warcraft, Second Life and others. These games were free, open-ended and were considered “massively multiplayer online role playing game” (MMORPG).


Like most other genres of popular gaming, there are numerous competitors around the world that have become known as international stars. There are two types of esport that has really taken off in the last few years, which includes the game of League of Legends and the sport of Cyberathlete. Cyberathlete is the name of the game, which was actually the first major competitive game to be played online. A lot of professional gamers have risen to fame and eminence because of this game. A lot of the best League of Legends gamers are now earning millions of dollars every year. They train rigorously, practice constantly and focus on their game.

With the popularity of these video games, there has also been a surge of companies that have begun investing in the industry. Several well-known game developers and marketing companies have established their own esports franchises. These franchises are meant to help provide resources and help players with various aspects of the esport. The game developer or marketing company provides great opportunities to aspiring athletes and teams to be successful in the world of competitive gaming. Some of the greatest teams and players of the world now have professional contracts with one of the world’s largest and most respected League of Legends team, Unicorns.

When you look back into the history of sports, you will find that it actually evolved from being just a school sport into something much more. Back then, there were a number of different games that could be used for the same objective. The first was Warcraft III: Reign over the Sky which pitted two sides against each other in an effort to win the game and become the best. It became a real time event because it incorporated real-world conflicts and situations into the game.

Today there is no longer a need to be immersed in a war-torn world in order to be a winner in any game. The world of competitive computer-based esport is becoming more advanced with each passing year. In order to be part of the rising tide of the scene, aspiring players must join the best schools in the country to train with world-class coaches who can teach them everything they need to know about being a top-level gamer. Many top-tier collegiate schools offer a full slate of training opportunities for aspiring gamers including building actual game maps, developing strategies and improving on the skills they need to become successful.

There are a wide variety of tournaments available to players from small teams to huge international conglomerates like Cloud, TSM and Counter Logic Gaming. With so much money on the line, there is no doubt that the competitive scene will continue to grow as more people learn how to play the sport at a high level. There is also no doubt that the potential for career-ending injury is much lower now than it was some years ago due to the extensive health and safety measures put into place by the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and other leading sports leagues. If you love playing computer-based esport and want to make your living from it, then you should definitely consider making the transition from a casual player to a professional right away and signing on with one of the many professional CS: GO, EU, NA and international teams to represent.