New Avenues for Mobile Gaming Development

Mobile Games have gained immense popularity over the past one decade. A mobile game is an online game which usually is normally played on a mobile cell phone. The word mobile in mobile game generally refers to any game which is played on any cell phone, with or without internet access. In recent years, mobile games have become a huge hit across the world amongst mobile users.

The reason why mobile games are enjoying such great success is not hard to fathom. With the introduction of smart phones, the entire world has become connected. Moreover, mobile games are available on attractive mobile devices with attractive user interface and superb entertainment capability. There is thus a great demand for mobile games as they are a huge source of in-app purchases. Hence, developers have introduced monetization options in their mobile games in order to make it a lucrative venture.

Almost every popular video game company has a dedicated version of its mobile games for the iOS and Android platforms. On the other hand, most popular mobile games companies have developed a web-based version of their popular games for the Android and iOS devices. Many mobile game developers have released their Android and iOS apps in the App Store which has seen great response from users. This is further supported by the high level of interaction which can be effortlessly done between users via their smartphones.

The biggest challenge which most mobile games companies face is how to make casual games appealing to a mass market which is turning to be more tech savvy by the day. Many of the existing players in the mobile games industry have shifted their focus to the smart phone platform in an effort to keep up with the increasing popularity of iOS and Android. Leading mobile application developers have therefore adopted cross-platform development in order to remain competitive. The cross-platform mobile games include popular arcade, sports, action, puzzle and casual game genres.

Apart from the popular mobile games developed for iOS and android, there are a number of other great mobile gaming options available on the ios and android platform. The innovative and highly engaging games developed for the iOS and android phones will no doubt boost sales of both the devices. The popular and well-liked interactive social networking platform – Facebook has also developed an application called Facebook applications which supports the iOS and android devices. The Facebook applications for mobile gaming is free and is available from the iTunes Store. The game developers have to update the applications on a regular basis in order to provide fresh and unique content.

To bridge the gap between mobile gaming and the ever-increasing social media experience of users, developers have introduced a number of social media features into their mobile games. For example, the popular social media networking site Facebook has created a user interface that allows gamers to interact with their friends and fans while playing their favorite games. This feature provides the option to upload and share favorite game clips, images and videos. A new feature called “Like” allows gamers to share their comments about a particular game with their friends. These latest additions by developers allow users to fully engage with their social media community while enjoying their games on the go.