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Mobile Games Development

A mobile game is simply a video game, which is normally played on a mobile cell phone. The word mobile in the title denotes the fact that the game can be played only with a cell phone and is usually smaller than a conventional game console or a personal computer game. The term mobile games also applies to all games, which are played either on any cell phone, such as from a mobile phone, PDA, tablet, laptop to handheld gaming console, mobile media player or other portable device. Today, more people are playing this type of mobile games than any other type of games. So, what is it about this type of game which has made it so popular?

A large number of factors have contributed to the popularity of mobile games. First and foremost, this type of game are simple to develop for cell phones, as it can easily be created in an object-oriented programming language like Java or C++. Moreover, mobile devices support the cross-platform technologies, so the development process for Android, iPhone iOS and Blackberry can be done simultaneously. Furthermore, users find it much easier to access the app store on these devices than the traditional PC and gaming consoles. All of these factors make it much easier to publish an app on the mobile platform.

However, the biggest factor behind the success of mobile games is the increase in the number of smartphones in the market. Nowadays, there are more than 101 million mobile phones in the world. That is more than twice the number of PCs. In addition, more people are using these phones to access the internet and to chat with friends. Therefore, a lot of people are constantly accessing the internet and interacting with their friends while they are on their mobile phones. This means that there are far more persons who play these types of mobile games than other types of games that are available on PCs.

In fact, the smartphone market is developing faster than the other markets. There are a lot of companies that manufacture different applications for mobiles. Therefore, competition is very tough. The developers are trying to create games designed specifically for these phones. These games are more colorful and animated than others. As a result, these mobile games are attracting a large number of players at any one time.

The latest craze is multiplayer games played on mobile devices. With millions of users playing these games, there is no dearth of opportunity for people to indulge in this activity. As we know, the android phones are used for chatting and socializing with friends and family members. Therefore, there is no dearth of opportunity for networking and interacting with other people on these devices. Hence, the next big thing that users are going to do is to play online multiplayer games on their mobile devices.

As far as the mobile gaming industry is concerned, there are many players in the market. The players include Google, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, Apple and several others. Amongst these companies, Google is the biggest player and the company that have done best in the mobile gaming industry. They have developed a number of different applications. One of them is the excellent Android application development kit or the simply android app development kit.