How to Improve Your Game Through Consistent Practice

Can you imagine what the future holds for Esports? With the growth of e-sports like League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it seems that the future of esport will be more defined than ever before. Many of us are already well aware of the huge sums of money that can be generated by placing well in popular esport tournaments such as The World Series of Poker. However, what many people don’t realise is the amount of work and dedication which goes into something as minor as an internet-based game.


First of all, let me explain what Esports actually is. Esports is a kind of competitive gaming with online multiplayer game titles. The most popular modes of play include Aimlock, King of the Hill, and WarCraft 3. Often, Esports often takes on the form of organised, multiplayer game competitions, especially between internationally qualified teams, as well as between amateurs. In essence, there is no limit to how many teams or individuals can play each other.

Playing in an organised league means that you have to be part of a team, and be able to work well with your team-mates. In essence, you need to prove that you can be a valuable part of the team through your play and achievements. Unfortunately, this requirement means that many people choose to play just for fun, without spending a great deal of time in a team. This results in lower levels of performance, and can hinder your chances at a professional level playing career in the near future.

For any player looking to make a living playing esport, one of the most important aspects is practice. It has been proven that the only way to improve your skills significantly is by playing against stronger and more skilled opponents. If you’re not playing against the best, you simply won’t improve. This is because there is only so much you can learn from playing against people who are better than you.

To play in the highest leagues and earn huge sums of money, it is absolutely necessary to practice as much as possible. By participating in ESL tournaments and online leagues, you will develop a set of skills that you can then transfer to other games and environments. Even if you only get a chance to play in one ESL tournament or leagues during the year, it’s still better than not getting any. As a general rule, you should aim to participate in two to three ESL tournaments throughout the year.

The best way to build a professional career in the world of Esports is to join a top team. There are several top teams out there that are currently competing in ESL tournaments. If you are good enough, you might even join their roster. However, you must also do enough research about the players, coaches and other staff in order to build a solid team. In the end, even the best teams in the league start off losing to amateur players who are just starting out, so you should not take the chance of placing yourself in that position.