Fun Facts About Game Gaming


Fun Facts About Game Gaming

Gaming is described by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the process of passing leisure time inactivity through systematic engagement with a single’s self-image or self-relevant goals.” A computer game or video game is an interactive electronic game that entails interaction with a user either through a keypad, joystick, mouse, keyboard, or other motion sensitive device – to generate virtual, on-screen feedback. Video games are played with two or more computers connected via a network or local area network. Computer games vary widely in scope and complexity from simple arcade games to highly sophisticated scientific and computer applications.

Online gaming has exploded into cyberpace, giving rise to an entire new class of people: those who play computer games online. Today, millions of Americans spend hours each day playing games, and this number is growing rapidly. Online gaming is popular among a diverse demographic of gamers, with males aged 18 to 34 years spending the most time; online gamers are predominantly male and their average age is just over 24.

One of the fastest growing segments within this diverse demographic is the World of Warcraft (WoW) community. WoW is an open source web-based game and like most online games, requires minimal technical skill or expertise. Players can start playing by downloading and then installing a client software program, which is basically a collection of basic game mechanics and commands. This client software can be configured and changed at anytime, modifying game rules and objectives as needed.

There is no denying that video games are addictive and players can become deeply immersed within them. Some have compared gaming to other high-tech hobbies such as golfing, for which there are a wide variety of clubs to choose from; but few hobbies can claim a lifespan as long as video games. As technology improves and becomes more readily available to the general population, we are likely to see an even further refinement and expansion of both the casual and multiplayer online gaming realm.

Mobile gaming is taking its place alongside the more traditional PC, laptop, and smartphone gaming. There are mobile gaming apps for every kind of mobile phone including, smart phones, pocket PCs, and touch screen mobile phones. These gaming apps allow us to continue doing what we do best while on the go. We can engage in text chat, play games, take photos, listen to music, watch videos, and even download and store our favorite paid gaming content. Most mobile gaming apps offer free trials for a limited time period and provide the option to upgrade to the full version when it becomes available.

On the topic of apps, another fun fact about multiplayer games is the ability to connect with others around the world and play the same game. Some games are made specifically for this purpose and some allow two or more people to play against each other at the same time, either locally or online. A great example is the multiplayer version of FarmVille. Although there are many other games that allow multiple players to compete against each other, none of them compare to FarmVille. This game usually requires the purchase of a FarmVille game pack and a lot of players find it addictive. The game itself is very social and most players will find that it offers a lot of fun without the hassle of having to leave the safety of their own home.