Basics in Playing DotA 2

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Basics in Playing DotA 2

Do you know what is the most anticipated game this year? Well, if you have an Internet connection and are a game buff, then you should know that it is the much anticipated Dota 2. It is the follow up to Valve’s successful Valve Wars game, and the first person shooter game that will be hitting the market next-to-nothing. If you are not acquainted with this exciting new game, then allow me to introduce you.

As per usual, there are two teams in every match of Dota 2. The object of the game is to eliminate all of your opponent’s creeps by making your own creeps fall under the effect of a special ability or effect. You can use items and spells to turn your creeps into a destructive force. However, make sure that you do not kill your creeps before your opponents do as they will get a bonus point!

In addition, there are three player races in the game, and each one has a unique set of “abilities” and “treasures” that can be used to either destroy or turn back the odds. Among these unique “abilities” are auras, which can be bought by using a certain amount of mana or provided by a special item. These are very useful for turning the tide of battle, but buying items which modify your hero’s abilities can also have a strong effect on your gameplay and on winning the game. Hence, it is important to carefully choose your characters and the items that you buy to best suit your needs.

The “uber units” of the game are much stronger than your usual creeps, and are generally considered to be the backbone of your army. While ordinary units cannot withstand a lot of damage, the tanky ones such as the Centaur, Troll, and the Undead, can withstand a lot of punishment. This type of unit is often used as the primary source of attack or as the primary target of an enemy hero. Because of their resilience and strength, heroes who specialize in tanking are favored in most cases when playing dota 2.

As for the creeps, these are the units that will help you take control of the field. However, unlike the heroes, creeps have low mobility and low health. They therefore need to be assisted by other units to be able to fight against other players. This assists in creating an uneven playing field, and makes the game much more dynamic and fun. The “taunt” ability is one of the best abilities for controlling creep waves, and is especially effective against enemy heroes. Furthermore, the “enchanted” creeps have special enchantments that greatly increase their health, armor, and speed.

In order to become successful in playing dota 2, you should always remember that learning the strategies and techniques of playing comes with experience. By getting a positive feedback from others, and by continuously practicing your skills, you can quickly improve your game. It is also important to build a good relationship with your team, as you will come face to face with a lot of players on the battlefield. When you are playing, make sure to keep your cool and be respectful to others. Your ability to read the actions of other players will greatly help you play successfully in the game.