A New Season of Competitive Gaming

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A New Season of Competitive Gaming

For anyone who has been paying attention to the world of Video Games, or any gaming for that matter, there is no doubt about the one common thread this year. It has been a blockbuster year for all major games including: “Dota 2”, “World of Warcraft” and ” Gears of War”. This is not only because the more popular games are selling like hotcakes, but also because the competition in terms of graphics and game play has been intense. As a result, there has been a lot of innovation in all aspects of gaming.

One aspect of the game that was really well done was the new spectator mode. Players are able to spectate other players of their choice by directing live streaming cameras through their computers. All of this is done from within the game itself, which is impressive. It shows just how much care is put into the game by its creators.

Another major innovation in the game has been the addition of coaching. In-game leaders can now give out live advice to their players. This helps players become better players and improve their strategies. I cannot say I like the in-game leaders, but it is nice to see a respected team leader actually giving out advice. Also, the new voice system seems to work quite well in the game.

The balance changes have been made to the game have helped make the game more balanced and fair. The most obvious is the jungle creeps being balanced out with the creeps from the towers. The creeps are weaker early on in the game so you do not want to mass-buy creeps early on, since they are less effective.

The new game modes in Dota 2 have been exciting as well. The newest, known as the “lane” system allows for four people to play in the same lane. It is great for picking off the bottom lane creeps as the bottom player has less damage to his team and can farm freely. The new “mid position” is basically an offlane with the towers at the side of the mid-lane, giving the middle player more control over the game.

The new players might be confused with the game at first because of all the new stuff. They do not know where to start or what to do. However, after getting the hang of the game, you will quickly realize that this is a great game with lots of cool aspects that will make you and your friends addicted.